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Individualized, evidence-based coaching to optimize wellness, minimize health risks and enhance living.

This is for you if…

Working with Jenn Schmidt, RDN provides:

How does it work?

Nutrition Counseling- Discovery call

Free Discovery Call

This is an introductory call to learn more about nutrition counseling with Jenn and discuss your challenges & goals.

Nutrition Counseling- Initial Session

Comprehensive Initial Session

A deep dive exploring eating habits, identifying barriers, defining goals, and identify nutrition areas that we will work on together. Then, we will develop a strategy and steps to initiate positive changes to diet, mindset, or behaviors.

Follow Up Sessions

We create strategies that help you build consistency in promoting overall wellness and perfomance including nutrition timing, quality sleep, movement, and stress management to enhance your health and well being.

Why work with Jenn?

As a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), I help active individuals and athletes fuel confidently by using a functional, individual-focused approach to fueling and performance that is both purpose-driven and non-restrictive.

I have a passion for helping others achieve their goals and teaching them how to make balanced eating a part of their daily lifestyle.

My goal is to help you elevate your performance and wellness with nutrition, quality sleep, enhanced body confidence, and stress management.

Your Questions Answered

Initial Session (60-90 min): $150

Follow Up Session (30-60 min): $80

3 Visit Follow Up Package: $225

6 Visit Follow Up Package: $420

9 Visit Follow Up Package: $585

12 Visit Follow Up Package: $720

15 Visit Follow Up Package: $825 

I accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as HSA/FSA (health savings account) cards. 

Payment plans are  available for follow up packages.

Please feel free to contact us to determine whether your insurance policy covers visits. We would be more than happy to assist you in verifying your coverage and answering any questions you may have regarding your insurance benefits. Thank you for considering our services.

We can either meet weekly or every other week. This depends on your schedule and how fast you’d like to get into the work. Most people like to meet with me weekly for the first few sessions, and then spread them out. We can discuss the best option for you at your first appointment.

  • Weight management (weight loss, gain, maintain)

  • Exhaustion, burnout, low energy 

  • Out of healthy range labs (high cholesterol, high blood sugar, low iron, etc.)

  • Chronic yo-yo dieting (restriction, strict dieting, unsustainable plans)

  • Disconnected and disordered eating (overeating, undereating, binge, emotional eating)

  • Healthy routines, habit-building, and lifestyle transformation

  • Support: Nutrition coaching and support with an experienced RD.
  • Individualized Guidance: Plans, goals, and lessons that are completely individualized to your specific needs, preferences,  history, and lifestyle
  • Sessions: (1) 60-minute onboarding session and 30-45-minute follow-up sessions, spaced out depending on your needs.
  • Chat Support: 24/7 dietitian access between sessions to ask questions, voice concerns, and seek support and guidance, as needed.
  • Check-Ins: weekly communication to share updates, celebrate wins, and address any concerns or questions that come up for you during the week.
  • Bloodwork review: Detailed feedback with supplement recommendations (when appropriate)
  • Food Journaling (optional): a section of the client portal where you can upload pictures or free text your intake to be given weekly supportive feedback and comments to help apply what you’re learning.
  • Sports Nutrition Guidance: Strategies, food/product ideas, and recommendations to optimize your active lifestyle and training
  • Easy Meal Planning (optional): Written meal guidance to help you adequately fuel your body WITHOUT the burden of calorie or macro counting
  • Bonus Resources: Access to client-only resources, like recipe guides, handouts, videos, and more
  • Collaboration (as needed) with your healthcare and/or training team

I offer virtual appointments via Practice Better, which is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. Virtual appoints allow flexibility to fit in your schedule and allows you to message me between appointments with any questions or concerns that you might have.

My counseling is NOT for you if…

You’re looking for a quick-fix or fast way to lose weight in the next 30 days — I  focus on sustainable, lasting habit change so you can nourish your body properly without yo-yo dieting.

You have an active eating disorder and you’re not seeking support or treatment. My counseling is not a replacement for ED treatment, it’s a supplement and support. If you have questions, book a free call and I’m happy to support you in referrals or make sure my counseling is a fit for you!

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